“Water-Energy Nexus and Transboundary Water Management as part of Integrated Water Resource Management in Azerbaijan” by Hajar Huseynova

The quest forasustainable and secure supply of fresh water poses a challenge to   predominantly semi-arid   Azerbaijan. The   countryis   highly   dependent  on upstream   countries forfreshwater   resources,   making   transboundary   water management a critical issue for Azerbaijan. Additionally, internal water resource management is complicated and needs to be developedso that the scarce water resources   are   managed   properly   and   sustainablyamong   various   water consuming sectors. The main water intensivesectors are agriculture and energy. Taking   into   account the   fact   that   energy   is the leading   component   of Azerbaijan’seconomy;this  research  focuses  on  the  water-energy  nexus  of  the country,in  addition  to  thetransboundary  and  internal  regulatory  aspects  of freshwater resources in Azerbaijan.

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