October 2, 2015 - Iran considers Azerbaijan's offer to join energy infrastructures

By Aynur Karimova

Tehran is considering Baku's proposal to use Azerbaijan's energy infrastructures in transportation of Iran's gas.

This remark was made by Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayeen, Iranian media reported.

He said that Iran ranks second in the world for its natural gas reserves. The European countries intend to purchase gas from Iran, and it creates an opportunity for Tehran to export its blue fuel to these countries. Therefore Iran is considering Azerbaijan's offer to participate in the Trans-Anatolian and Trans-Adriatic pipelines.

The diplomat went on to add that currently, Iran and Azerbaijan enjoy good relations in the energy sector. After the international sanctions imposed on Iran are lifted, this cooperation will be further expanded.

Azerbaijan and Iran have had diplomatic relations since 1918. Iran recognized Azerbaijan's independence in 1991, and diplomatic relations between the two countries were reestablished in 1992.

Currently, the two countries are focused on expanding their economic ties and developing cooperation in various fields—industry, agriculture, energy, alternative energy, and transportation.

Tehran has in recent years focused on expanding ties with neighboring countries, including Azerbaijan, which enjoys religious, historical, and cultural commonalities with Iran.

Azerbaijan was the 12th leading importer of Iranian non-oil goods in the previous Iranian calendar year, which ended on March 20, 2015, according to the Iranian Customs Administration.

Currently, the trade turnover between the two countries is about $500 million. Iran and Azerbaijan have set a goal to increase this figure by four times, up to $2 billion.

Iran's export to Azerbaijan during the first half of 2015 decreased 55.36 percent to $42.52 million year-on-year. Azerbaijan's export to Iran also decreased 67.11 percent to $11.16 million during that period.