Caspian Center for Energy and Environment of ADA University conducts research focusing on the major technological, economic, social, political and regulatory trends influencing the energy and environmental issues in the wider Caspian region. 

The geographical scope of the research covers the Caspian littoral states, the actual and potential transit countries with a role in the transportation of the energy resources to the global markets, the main destination countries of the Caspian oil and gas, as well as other regions having impact on the dynamics of the global energy markets and policies. 

The central aim is producing policy relevant works, while turning the center into a hub of electronic resources, books, periodicals and relevant databases on energy and environment. The end products of the research are three publications: Policy Briefs, Working Papers and Weekly News Review.


Researches and practitioners working on Caspian energy and environment issues are invited to submit Policy Briefs and Working Papers. 
Submission requirements can be downloaded here.

An honorarium will be granted for all submissions. For details, please contact our office at