Round-table with Mr. Til Dieterich

On December 9, the CCEE of ADA University organized a round-table with Mr. Til Dieterich, a lecturer at the BioEcology Department of Baku State University on "Urban Ecology – Challenges of Sustainable Development in Modern Cities." Mr. Dieterich’s presentation touched upon the reasons, challenges and opportunities of urbanization in the world and in the specific case of Baku, Azerbaijan. Mr. Dieterich focused on adapted and non-adapted species and how urbanization affects the natural environment in Baku city.

Till Dieterch presented several examples to show how species selection for lawn grass species can be crucial in dry environments, and how effective selection can save significant amounts of water and money. According to the speaker, Baku needs to address the issue of urbanization to ensure an attractive urban environment to keep people in the city center. He underlined the importance of special lines for bus and alternative transport modes, as well as innovations in regard to the adoption of energy saving technologies are needed.